Subterranean Celebration

the Six Gallery Reading in San Francisco in 1955, where Allen Ginsberg first read HOWL. Pen, Ink brush, black pencil. I couldn't find any photographs from the actual event, so it was an interesting challenge to create the setting and audience from scratch. I hope this will be accepted for Illest of Ill!


Color Studies for Ill251

Brooke Nicole Olivares, a 2006 Ringling alumni from 'Frisco, is my illustration professor this year. She encouraged me to look at the work of Ralph Goings, among other realist painters. I am working on my own take on the diner scene based on a visit to IHOP. When the waitress found out I was there to shoot artistic reference, she gave me free coffee and alerted me before she bussed any table so I could look at the leftovers. Damn it feels good to be an illustrator.